Today’s book discussion, and memories of past times


Well, we had our book discussion of The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer today. It went quite well. Lots of discussion, very lively. There were myself and ten or eleven women present. I did learn one thing today: Even when men and women are reading the same book, they’re not reading the same book. I enjoyed The Tender Bar very much, which surprised me. I don’t usually like memoirs.

It did bring back memories of when I was living in Florida. Alcohol was never a part of my family life, but when I went to Florida, I also started drinking a little. Later, I started going out after work every night with my boss. He was going through a really bad time with his wife, and we’d get totally messed up. For some reason, the bars we went to were never like Dickens/Publicans. Maybe a regional difference? After a while, I decided that wasn’t something I wanted to do, so I just stopped. Since then, I hardly ever drink alcohol.

Sometimes I miss those days.


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