Do you like ebooks? Do you have a Kindle or a Nook? If so, you probably need to know about ebookfling.com. You may already know that you can lend most books in your collection. How often and for how long is up to the publisher, of course, but it’s generally one time for 14 days. ebookfling.com makes it easy to loan books to people everywhere.  You sign up, list your books, and people can browse and select books they’d like to borrow. The site automates the lending process for you and keeps track of which books have been loaned and can’t be loaned again.

There are a few problems. I’ve occasionally had requests for books that Amazon tells me have already been loaned, so apparently the tracking on the ebookfling site isn’t perfect. Also, since requests stay active until they’re either filled or cancelled by the requester, I’ve got a huge portion of my collection on the site that just keep getting forwarded from one request to another. Apparently, a lot of people aren’t actively using the site anymore. It would be nice if the site administrators would build in some way to mark users as inactive so that their requests are removed from the queue. In spite of these problems, though, it’s a good site and I recommend it to anyone looking to expand their sources for ebooks.


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