Downtown New Albany, Indiana

These are some photos of downtown New Albany that I took a couple of summers ago. Black and White, mostly buildings and street scenes. As you can see, I’ve modified some of them for my header images.

  • FH000001

    An old tree along the street

  • FH000002

    The tower bells from Holy Trinity Catholic Church, destroyed by fire in 1975

  • FH000003

    A view of the site of Holy Trinity Church, destroyed by fire in 1975.

  • FH000004

    Another view of the site of Holy Trinity Church, destroyed by fire in 1975.

  • FH000005

    A house on Market Street

  • FH000006

    The Sanctuary of Eternal Truth. It's been extensively renovated since I took this picture.

  • FH000007

    The tower facade of St. Paul's Episcopal Church

  • FH000008

    A view of the side of St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

  • FH000009

    The front entrance to St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

  • FH000011

    Another view of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, from the south.

  • FH000012

    Stone wall and flowers.

  • FH000013

    A view of the Culbertson Mansion state historic site.

  • FH000014

    A brick sidewalk downtown.

  • FH000015

    Another house downtown.

  • FH000016

    Sunflowers in a downtown garden.

  • FH000017

    Just a cat.

  • FH000018

    Glass brick wall.

  • FH000019

    The old state bank on Main Street.

  • FH000020

    Main Street storefronts.

  • FH000021

    Just an attractive building on Main Street. No longer exists.

  • FH000022

    The Old Odd Fellows building downtown.

  • FH000023

    View of State Street towards the river.

  • FH000024

    New Albany-Floyd County Public Library featuring Barney Bright's statue, "The Search."


2 responses on “Downtown New Albany, Indiana

  1. Birdie Rogers

    Thank you so much for sharing your photos. My maternal grandfather was born in New Albany in 1895. December of 1959 Papa & Nana and I moved to Hausfeldt Road off old 150 Hwy. We only stayed for for 2 1/2 years but there is such a special place in my heart of my memories there. What a wonderful treat to see old sights.

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