An “Accidental” Librarian

Well, due to some changes at work, I’m now officially a “librarian.” I’ve worked in libraries most of my life, mostly on the technology side, but I’ve never really actively pursued a “librarian” position. Can someone with no formal library training or education even be a librarian? According to my library and the Indiana state public librarian certification standards, someone can. I can get a temporary state certification, but for the “real” certification, I’ll need to take at least 9 hours of library education from an ALA-certified Library Science program. Fortunately for me, Indiana University (IUPUI campus) has what I need online. I could even get the entire MLS program online if I choose to.

So, I’m now in the Reference Services department. My duties, in addition to the usual public service desk, include: ebook acquisitions and collection development; developing the website for, and assisting in developing the program for, our library’s Job Center; book reviewing; and some marketing duties. I’ve also volunteered to help with weeding and collection development in the religion and languages sections, since those are the areas I’m most familiar with. I’m going to have to pretty much give up on all my personal reading for a wile. I’m going to be very busy with professional reading and keeping up with my book group reading and following new material in the languages and religion subjects. I’ll continue to have reviews here, and I’ll probably be posting here more often (since this has been my “professional” weblog). Right now, I’m reading The Accidental Librarian, by Pamela H. MacKellar. I’m hoping it’ll give me some insight into my current position.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


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