now The Unexpected Librarian

My job title at work has changed, and now I suddenly find myself to be a librarian (although without the MLS yet). So to reflect that, and give a little more focus to the site, I’m renaming the site to The Unexpected Librarian. It will still be accessible under the old domain (, but going forward will be found at There will also be some additional changes, such as more of a focus on librarianship. There will still be some personal things on here, since I need a place for longer personal articles that don’t fit well on Facebook or Google+, but they’ll be tagged as such. I’m sure there’s a way to move personal articles to their own page and exclude them from the general feed, so I plan to work on doing that.

Things you can expect to find here that aren’t personal:

  • Book reviews, especially genre fiction, religion (DDC 200’s), and languages (DDC 400’s)
  • News and events from New Albany-Floyd County Public Library
  • General articles about libraries and librarianship
  • More specific articles about being an “accidental” librarian and my experiences studying Library Science

It goes without saying, but needs to be said anyway, that all views and opinions expressed on this site are mine. They in no way are intended to reflect or be interpreted as the views of other staff, administration, or the board of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library. I’ve got a few articles I’m working on, including library funding issues and the place of knowledge in religious tradition, so expect them within the next few days.


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