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Downtown New Albany, Indiana

These are some photos of downtown New Albany that I took a couple of summers ago. Black and White, mostly buildings and street scenes. As you can see, I’ve modified some of them for my header images.

  • FH000001

    An old tree along the street

  • FH000002

    The tower bells from Holy Trinity Catholic Church, destroyed by fire in 1975

  • FH000003

    A view of the site of Holy Trinity Church, destroyed by fire in 1975.

  • FH000004

    Another view of the site of Holy Trinity Church, destroyed by fire in 1975.

  • FH000005

    A house on Market Street

  • FH000006

    The Sanctuary of Eternal Truth. It's been extensively renovated since I took this picture.

  • FH000007

    The tower facade of St. Paul's Episcopal Church

  • FH000008

    A view of the side of St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

  • FH000009

    The front entrance to St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

  • FH000011

    Another view of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, from the south.

  • FH000012

    Stone wall and flowers.

  • FH000013

    A view of the Culbertson Mansion state historic site.

  • FH000014

    A brick sidewalk downtown.

  • FH000015

    Another house downtown.

  • FH000016

    Sunflowers in a downtown garden.

  • FH000017

    Just a cat.

  • FH000018

    Glass brick wall.

  • FH000019

    The old state bank on Main Street.

  • FH000020

    Main Street storefronts.

  • FH000021

    Just an attractive building on Main Street. No longer exists.

  • FH000022

    The Old Odd Fellows building downtown.

  • FH000023

    View of State Street towards the river.

  • FH000024

    New Albany-Floyd County Public Library featuring Barney Bright's statue, "The Search."