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Grad School Jitters

I’m looking at starting graduate school in January of 2014. I’ve pretty much decided on San Jose State’s Master of Library Science program. It seems to be a great program, and doesn’t cost much more than the more traditional program offered by my state university. Still, I hesitate…

It’s a lot of money. Will it really be worth it? Will I be able to pay off the student loans before I retire?

Even though I really enjoy library work, will I be able to handle graduate school? SJSU seems to have a curriculum that fits me better. But is it what I should really be doing? Maybe I’d be better of focusing on web site development and marketing.

I’ll be almost 58 when I finish the program! Should I really be doing this at my age? I’ll have at least ten more years of professional life before I retire, but really…is this the best time to start this?

I know. It’s just pre-grad school jitters. But it’s still something I’ve got to face before I begin the application process in August. Wish me luck!